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A cheap version of Dr.Pepper that you can find at Walmart. Dr.Thunder tastes exactly the way Dr.Pepper does, but it cost 67 cents not 1.29. :)
I drove my beat-up car down to Walmart to buy some food for the party. I only had 10 bucks so I had to spend it wisely. As I entered the store I grabbed a rust-covered cart and zoomed down the aisle and filled my cart with soda, chips, and candy.
Then my celly rang, it was my mom. "Make sure you get some Dr. Thunder Gertrude!". she yelled.
by dametrah May 08, 2008
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The best soda ever, and the drink that the inferior Dr.Pepper was created in the image of. Can be found in Mr. Holland's room for $2.00 per bottle.
Had to get me some 'Thunder so I headed on over to 906.
by Tmoney April 07, 2005
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