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superintendent who cheats on his wife for his co-worker
Dr. Brown cheated on his wife to be with his Co-Worker Shannon Cohoelan
by pepesucc January 02, 2019
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Can be used as a noun or a verb.

Dr. Christopher Brown is the prior superintendent to the West Genesee school district in central New York who resigned after claims sprung up about him cheating on his wife with the principal of the high school.

Chris Browning or Dr. Browning someone means to cheat on someone and then sit them down at the kitchen table with the person youโ€™re cheating on them with and proceed to tell them that youโ€™re in love and youโ€™re leaving them.
Girl 1: Oh my god, my husband just sat me down at my kitchen table with his side hoe and told me he was leaving me for her.
Girl 2: Oh my god, heโ€™s such a Dr. Brown

Dude: My first wife cheated on me and told me in front of her side hoe.
Girl: Wow. She really Dr. Browned you.
by Justice for Rachel January 29, 2019
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1. A delicious variety of soft drinks, e.g. Cream Soda and Cel-Ray.
2. A euphemism for bowel movement.
I had Mexican food for lunch, so I'll probably have to make an appointment with Dr. Brown before dinner.
by d'rof71 March 10, 2008
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