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A suburb of Chicagoland divided into the North and South sides. The North side is home to the Main Street area and many historical landmarks, whereas the South side is dominated by large stores like Target, and has the High School with the better football team.

This area is predominantly home to families who are quite wealthy, especially towards the top of the hill on the South Side, and the entire North Side. There are hardly any apartment buildings, and all of the old, ranch-style homes are being torn down to make room for monstrous three-level mansions.

By far, the hottest properties in Downers Grove are on Fairmount Avenue, a tranquil offshoot of the very busy 55th Street.

The two High Schools, Downers Grove North and Downers Grove South are bitter rivals. The South mascot is the Mustang, and the North is the Trojan.

Hopefully, all of the rich people in this area and other wealthy areas such as Naperville and Glen Ellyn will be abducted by aliens by the year 2006.
When Billy's father won the lottery, he made a little, old lady in Downers Grove move out of her house so he could build a mansion for his family on her lot.
by Charlie August 06, 2004
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Downers Grove an excellent place to live. It is an upper middle class suburb of Chicago. The north side is known for being wealthier then the South but they are both fairly affluent. The cool thing to do is Downers Grove is to complain about how lame it is and how you can not wait to go to college but in reality it is a swell place to live. Also there are some fine ass bitches there.
David: Hey John, I just got promoted so I am going to move to Downers Grove!
John: That's swell
by Junkster November 30, 2011
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Downers Grove is a western suburb in Dupage County, Chicago Illinois, were fairly wealthy kids live. It is split up in to the North Side (anything before 55th street, and between Lisle, Oak Brook, and Westmont) and the South Side (and anything after 55th and between "Hoodridge" and Darien) The North Side of town is the richer part of Downers Grove were all of our big taxes help pay for welfare on the South Side. Downers Grove North is Home of the Trojan, an amazing football team (that bitches are just jealous of because we are better) (coached by: Coach Wander) that won state in 2004 and many more play-offs, the badmitton team that won state god knows how many times, and many other amazing sport team/clubs. North is a great school that has one of the top scores in Illinois. Downers Grove South consits of the Mustangs (remeber to "hit it hard") and kids that don't even live in Downers Grove. DGS started in 1964 when Downers Grove High School kicked out the poor kids because their was not enough room for them. Downers Grove South has won state in a couple of sports. DGN and DGS are bitter cross town rivals. Downers Grove North is clearly better in every category and Downers Grove South shouldn't be too jealous, because there are reason why DGN is better.. too many.
Downers Grove is siiiiiick.

Downers Grove South are just jealous bitches because North is better but should be thankful that the North Side gives Downers Grove is popularity.
by gobogos April 15, 2007
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a shitty town where kids pretend they're ghetto but they're actually not. there are 'punk' and 'hardcore' kids who like to slit their wrists for attention. also, nothing ever happens. someone should burn the town down.
i hate downers grove!
by ashley and liz April 01, 2005
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a place where un-loved children and utter failures at life take steroids so that they can be good at high school football, because they suck at life and thats all that they have.
garret and cody puylled down their pants, and gave each other their daily shots, then the gave it to eachother in the Downers Grove locker room
by dan7030 September 13, 2005
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the worst place 2 go... sept the girls there are hot... but everything else sucks it's really boring and gay.
"Hey let's go to Downers Grove"
"Yeah, but only for the girls, that town is boring as heeellll"
by titywarrior!!! May 20, 2010
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