a bird like man from northampton that drinks a lot :)
"Dove! You out tonight?"
"Yes! I always am!"
by sofsof January 21, 2007
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a word used to describe someone who doesn't have much sexual experience or someone who's old and still a virgin. The term comes from the idea that doves are white and pure, much like someone who doesn't have experience.
Girl 1: OMG did you know Drew's still a virgin?

Girl 2: Lol he's such a dove.
by shredderss July 26, 2014
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he threw a couple doves at her when dropped her tail to the ground
by sam02120 November 30, 2015
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A bird that comes in many colors and coos a lot. They in the Columbidae family and are related to pigeons. Many people hunt them (which I hate) They are often considered a symbol for love, peace, and hope, especially white ones. There are many types of doves such as: Mourning Doves, Eurasian Collared doves, and even Palau Fruit doves. The dove is very common and can come into your back porch and eat seeds. They might make a beautiful sound that sounds like an owl.
by GodOfPigeons August 18, 2018
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homosexual crack fiend ,emo ,with brite blond hair, also known as sunshine
chiris is a dove
by Crumb August 17, 2003
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Supposedly a male poster at nma-fallout.com/forum, who ever since he had a vasectomy have been experiencing severe period pain.
"Hi, my name is Dove. But oh no!, now I'm having that terrible period pain again!"
by Luke April 30, 2005
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