It is Dovahzul for "Dragon"

Dovah can also be used for Dovahkiin, which stands for "Dragonborn"
Worthless Dovah
by Origorath, The Mad God November 23, 2020
Kratos wouldn't stand a chance against Dovah though
by C0rrect0r September 10, 2020
Proper pronunciation of the town of Dover, Massachusetts. The hardest of all the suburbs of Boston.
That kid's from Dovah...he must be tough as nails.

Nog: I'm from Dorchester we don't fuck around.
Me: Fuck that, yous a bitch dawg. me and my boys from Dovah will take ur ass down.
by Amb. Don Treeb December 22, 2010
A Dovah is an extremely ghey, autistic, offensive 12 year old.
Person 1: You know Dovah?
Person 2: Oh, that autistic kid?
by HellaGhey September 23, 2018
♥Dovah-chan♥: am dovah
by TheBananaKingOfLife February 2, 2014
A Dovah is like an atomic bomb big scary and will destroy any cod nerd in his path.
Although he is a fine specimen of a man you do not want to get on his bad side.
by ItzCJR March 31, 2022
queen of racecarbed
fan of Melanie Martinez
morgenne 2.0
you're such a dovah
by StarvingAfrican69 September 7, 2019