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A unique term of endearment usually used to describe someone who commits actions with malicious intent, which are designed to elicit both sympathy and attention.
These actions are often too stupid or creepy to be credible, but a true doucheglider might be recognized as exceptionally stupid and/or creepy.

The term originated as the result of a contest to adequately describe the actions of one man who faked his own death to emotionally harm his ex-girlfriend, whom he had broken up with over a year and a half prior, but had been faking the relationship's continuation for his family's benefit.

His reported death was substantiated by members of his own family, as the result of him attempting to fly a home-made hang-glider off the roof of the Naval Barracks at Goose Creek in South Carolina.
I can't believe what a doucheglider that Philip is!
by People's Republic of EmoChat November 19, 2010
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Also called a Swegway, IO Hawk, PhunkeDuck, and "self balancing scooter", it is a small 2 wheeled, self balancing scooter. Once you get at least 1000 followers on vine you must buy one. It automatically proves you have money and are a douchebag.
Person 1: Dude, I hit 1000 followers on vine yesterday! Time to get a Douche Glider
Person 2: AWESOME! I have one also, we can go be rich, jerks together!
Person 1: Hold on, let me put this moment on vine.
by pest21500 December 29, 2015
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A faggot who attempts to fake his death by constructing a home-made hang glider from bed sheets and PVC pipe, with the intentional of getting away from his pain in the ass girlfriend.
John is a total Doucheglider, he's too much of a pussy to break up properly.
by Pancake Jesus November 29, 2010
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A name given to the dumb toy. Most of the people riding 'Hoverboards' are douchebags and they are always annoying as hell. The name has been made famous by YouTube star Shane Dawson.
"Look at that dumbass riding that Doucheglider over there."
by HeyBooi211 December 02, 2015
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