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Double Vnecking is the act of wearing 2 V necks.
This might include:
- V neck Teeshirt with a V neck sweater.

Although some might see this as a fashion disaster, others perceive it as a fashion challenge, which if overcome could have impressive and unexpected results.
Hey check out that guy strutting his double V, i want a piece
by Golden06 April 27, 2008
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Vacaville, California. Most dangerous spots are Brown Street, Markham, and Callen.
Double G from the double V. Its not a game!!!
by bojzzle September 02, 2004
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When you are drunk from 8 to 10 shots, you begin eating out a girl. Then you take some shitty vodka and fill up her vagina with it. This becomes the "Double V" (vodka and vagina). You then proceed to continue eating her out, getting drunker in the process from the alcohol/vaginal fluid mixture. It is actually quite delicious and makes the otherwise crappy quality vodka as tasty as sweet, sweet pussy. As you continue getting drunker, you eventually reach the point of throwing up, to which you do inside her vagina. The warmth and fluid nature of your vomit makes her climax. A very fun sexual experiment.
Topher was so drunk that he decided to perform a double V on some slut.
by Topher4life November 06, 2009
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When you make two peace signs/v's with your fingers to signal victory. Several Presidents and individuals have used this as a statement of victory. The first time, however, was by president Wilson, who threw up the double v in front of a bunch of europeans not knowing that it was worse than the middle finger. Another notable use was President Nixon, who committed this act while getting on Marine One to finally leave the White House. The short answer, it does not matter if you are winning or not, you can always throw up the double V.
We totally kicked their ass, throw the Double V.
by Steve-O Rookie December 01, 2005
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Term that describes person who is both a Virgin and Vegatarian
You sure you wanna date that? I heard she was a Double V!
by burple81 January 01, 2011
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