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Double Scoop means when a person has two partners at the same time (like a double scoop ice cream cone). Basically when you "double scoop" somebody you cheat on them.
Boy: Hey did you hear about that skank Jessica?
Boy2: No, what happened?
Boy: She was totally double scoopin' her boyfriend.
Boy2: No way!
by angryrobotz November 26, 2009
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almost the same as single scoop but you use both hands under both arms at the same time
cory totaly double scooped Sarah in school today
by Cody Nault June 09, 2007
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Noun: The act of when two people are making out fiercely with their tongues taking the shape of a scoop and hooking the tongues together. Uusually meant as a sign of deep interest in the other person.

Verb: To make out with tongues in the shape of ice cream scoops and hooking them together.
Noun: Jordan did not know what double scooping was, so Hebert and Kristine laughed at him and explained it with two G.I. Joe dolls.

Verb: David and Hannah were totally double scooping so hard at that one party, Hannah's drool was coming out of her mouth.
by Acideo August 22, 2006
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When a person or persons uses two technology devices at the same time.
In relation to triple-dip: when a person or persons is using three technology devices at once.
Can add the suffix split to specify that more than one person is involved in the moment.
Mild "old-school example": a person is talking on the phone while watching TV. Ex: "did you hear me, or did you double scoop?"
Moderate: using your iPhone to check Facebook, while surfing the Internet on your iPad. "omg I double scoop all the time, do u?"

Extreme example: talking on the iPhone while you check a text on same phone, and Instant messaging on your computer. This might also be referred to as a triple-double.
by Liberdade Franklin January 06, 2012
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