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The greatest word ever, can be used to express a countless number of emotions, from happiness friendship and pride, to anger rage and hate. It is ususally used as a noun, but can be used as an adjective (doubish), a verb (doubin), an interjection (DOUBE!!!), and many other ways. This term was invented because of a typo between Ian and Keith, and from its humble beginnings, it has been elevated to, without a doubt the most poweful and amazing word ever.

Doube > Fuck
1. As a negative noun
(Shawn just knowcks over Steve's drink)
Steve: Shawn, you fucking doube.

2. As a positive noun
(Keith kisses a girl wothout exchange of money)
Me: You fuckin doube, good job

3. As a verb
(Sha just gets paid for givin John a bj under the table and won't pay the crew back money he owes)
Crew: Yo, stop fuckin doubin and pay us back

4. A positive adjective
(Two people are friends)
Person 1: Dude your so doubish, we are best friends, but if you cross me ill get Slagathor the Sloth to kill you.

5. A negative adjective
(Ian just eats Steve's last taco)
Steve: Why are you so fucking doubish, im gunna get Slagathor the Sloth to kill you.

6. An interjection
(Person 1 and 2 are quietly reading in the library)
Person 3: DDDOOOUUUBBBEEE!!!!!!!!!!
Library Worker: Hey, this is a library, be quiet
Person 3: Shut the fuck up doube (later burns down library)

7. An Adverb
(Person 1 is refusing to do project)
Person 2: You better get the doube off your fat lazy ass and do so doubin work before I doubin strangle you.

Now all in one sentence:
Person 1: You doubin doube, get the doube put of my doubin house before i get my doubes to kill your doube ass and your doubish friends-
Doube: DOUBE!
Person 1: Doube you! (Kills Doube and all of his doube friends)

by the doubes December 17, 2007
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