The present past participle of dopp

To get yo ass fucked up
Pull up on a nigga block
Pull out the glock
That nigga going to get dopped
by MmmCereal January 18, 2019
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To get shot or to suicide and die on pavement by jumping off a building

I heard that someone dop liki
by Akairie December 19, 2021
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david: “dop
casey: “pass. you’re ugly
by pongerpinger October 22, 2017
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Add non acholic beverage to a shot for better taste.
Dude did you dop that shot or take it straight?
by tocilka22 March 29, 2019
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South African slang, refers to alcoholic drinks.
I'm so sad, I have no more dop to drink.
I'm out of money for dop.
by Smarties June 24, 2005
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Dop was a fictional character created by Trainhead. Dop was executed for war crimes on 04/20/2020. His execution method was by explosion.
Finally Dop has been executed for his war crimes.
by Rapid roger April 20, 2020
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Well this sucks, or oooowell
DOP a crab just bit my foot.
DOP! my life sucks I just found out I have an STD.
by Zacheria July 23, 2008
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