saying from Gavin the Earl of gayhurst, often accompanied by an action such as a dab or pretty much anything that's dope as fuck, now this saying is common slang among teens and #beckanators
by becky douglas April 29, 2019
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Used to describe something that is rather good or entertaining.
"Dude that movie was dope as fuck" or "This chicken is dope as fuck"
by DJ-DIZZ July 15, 2008
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the catch-phrase used by the “Lunatics” character Gavin Mcgregor in his c***lord Instagram videos
1. (Gavin bouncing on trampoline) dope as fuck!
2. (Gavin riding in his cousin’s comedically small car) dope as fuck!
by ejo66 April 25, 2019
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This phrase is similar to others such as
totally cool
totally sweet
insanely awesome
insanely bitch'n

It is most commonly used to refer to the band Funeral Moon and other asscore bands
some Guy: dude, funeral moon is dope as fuck
Some other guy: yeah they ripped ass at the show last night
by Jonas Hill November 5, 2007
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Dope-as-Fuck: A term of enthusiasm over anything found agreeable or entertaining.
Deng, that movie was dope-as-fuck.
by (sorta like J Lo) December 13, 2005
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On the 6th of May, Everybody has to say Dope As Fuck to your teachers, parents, friends anyone during the day and video it and put it on social media.
by Gavin Cooper May 2, 2019
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The act of sharing dope to enhance your sexual experience.
My jewelry is dope, fuck the crystal method!
Dope fuck LOL
by Benjamin Z September 7, 2017
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