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A Doom fanbase on the internet which is known for being highly influenced by 4chan, while the members claim to be mature. Most newcomers to the site are greeted with witty remarks and sometimes downright shitty attempts to put any new member in the community down in order to appear superior. These bastards are even thrown into a subforum named "Losers" where admins put newbies in order to degrade them and have them beg for acceptance. If you look at any of the photo galleries, you will notice that most of these "forum legends" are pasty, bright white skinned nerds.
Newbie Thread: Hello Doomworld! Whats your favorite doom port?

I'm attempting to choose one and would like to hear your opinions.

Forum Legend: (Writes something regarding: Facedesk, Facepalm, Witty Remark, Insults, Ascii Art, Tits, Profit)

by Epicface June 25, 2010
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Actually a chill place, but idiots will be put in their place. Best part of the forum is "Post Hell," where bad posts go to die. Essentially, idiot threads, those made by both newbies who have failed to read the rules and old timers who are off of their meds, are sent to Post Hell to burn in agony to ear-splitting music, 90s gifs, a girl with horns, and lots of amateurish CSS.

Also has a Loser board, which is sort of like a grace area for those with bad behavior. Instead of outright banning people, they get a time out instead. Of course, repeat idiocy will garner a ban.

The only real downside is the elitist air in terms of most modern games (And even so, this has died down in recent years), and the fact that political threads in the general discussion area either go ballistic or they are shut down even before the more rationale voices can be heard. The forum also obsesses over a 20+ yr old game.
Doomworld did not cause Columbine... Yet...
by A Power Glove October 31, 2015
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