Doom Buggy is the show name for Disney's OmniMover system. It was initially developed for the "Adventures in Inner Space" attraction by a team led by Bob Gurr.

The cars, linked together, move forward via a 12-volt electric drive train. The vehicles themselves have no means of locomotion. They are driven by a series of ten motors located throughout the ride. Each car can also be rotated 180 degrees--from facing forward to facing backward.

This rotation, combined with scalloped design of the car, allows the designers to control what the guests see at any given time.

Each car is also equipped with 3 speakers. The sound (which is not stereo, as commonly reported) is transmitted to odd-numbered cars via a narrow band transmitter. The signal (once received) is then passed on to the even-numbered car behind it.

Disneyland's Haunted Mansion has 131 cars, with a guest capacity of 2,618 guests per hour, granting 2.25 guests per car, assuming no ride stops (wheelchairs or slow guests). A typical hour at full capacity is 2000-2400.

Walt Disney World's Haunted Mansion has 160 cars, due to its longer track, with a guest capacity of 3,200 guests per hour.
Keep your hands and feet inside the Doom Buggy at all times.
by Atomic Super Robot August 26, 2008
1.A car that is wrecked, totaled or not drivable.
2.A very old car that needs a lot of servicing.
3.A car that is a lemon.
4.Any car that either looks like it will, or has fallen completely apart while someone was driving it
Clint took his doom buggy in the shop. But they told him there was nothing more they could do and suggested that he buy a new car.
by Tara Hunt February 10, 2007
The show name given to Disney's OmniMover system, used in the Haunted Mansion rides in California and Florida.
Please keep your arms inside the Doom Buggy at all times.
by Brian The Mute August 27, 2008
The black shell-shaped cars that glide atop the Omnimover track in Disney's Haunted Mansion ride that allow the passenger to see only what is directly ahead.
According to Chef Mayhem at, a doom buggy is "a black carriage that can hold up to three passengers and is equipped with high fidelity stereo speakers that broadcast audio received through a digital signal."
A ghost appeared between my friend and I in our doom buggy car in the Haunted Mansion!
by Madam Leota July 31, 2009
the black blob-looking things that you ride in on the Haunted Mansion at Disneyland/DisneyWorld/etc. also known to be the hotspot for BJs, makeouts, and sometimes sex if you go with your girlfriend/boyfriend.
Creepy Man Recording on Haunted Mansion: "Please stay seated in your DOOM BUGGY. The ride will resume momentarily."
by AAA556 September 3, 2008
The seats in Disney's Haunted Mansion the ride. They are two person seats with a lap bar that ghosts pull down for you, however you can fit three if you try.
They are all black and matte plastic, their shape looks like half of an egg.
I hate how the doom buggys are on a conveyor belt and constantly moving, it's hard to get in one!
by AJ Jaegle August 23, 2008
The name for the 'carriage' you ride in at Disney theme park Haunted Mansion attraction.
"Welcome foolish mortals. Please step into your Doom Buggy."
by Jerseyside August 23, 2008