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A doody golem is a man-like creature composed entirely of human feces. He or she is molded to look like a human.

Unlike normal golems, a doody golem is much harder to destroy requiring a high concentration of fiber to solidify the monster in its place before smashing it into pieces.
"Yankele, your doody golem is destroying our entire village!"

"And what would you have me do, destroy it?"

"That, and stop making living beings out of your own fecal matter!"
by Senor Rosenblattenbergenstein February 19, 2009
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A Doody Golem is similar to the traditional Golem of Jewish folklore but instead being made out of earth of clay it is made out of human or animal excrament.
"Oh Moshe, What evil thing have you constructed?? Is it a Golem?"

"No Herschel....It's a Doody Golem, made from the doody of a thousand goyim. It does whatever I can command."

"The rebbe would not approve!"
by Shmuli Ellison February 24, 2008
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