basically sum1 who doodles sum1 (not a drawing btw) wen they actually doodle with their doodle
George: omg ur such a doodler
Sam: (whilst george is talking) doodles doodles lalalal lick me
by meh me March 03, 2007
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1. Doooooooooodler!!!

2.Greeting name for all awesome dudes.

3.When doing something or have just said something wrong, doodler may also indicate a bad thing you or a person has done.

4. Replaces the lesser word "dude"
1. Fred: "What's up doodler?!"

Tom: "Not much doodler!!!"

2. "Dude that chick is so fat and ugly, plus she's a total skank!"

"Doodler, not cool doodler."
by Faggotluver69 April 20, 2010
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