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Donta is the embodiment of the most perfect human being there can be with curly hair and a brilliant mind, his resilience and cunning but yet carefully tending to personality makes him a joy for everyone blessed enough to be in his presence.
Damn, you should strive to be Donta one day!
by Young thot June 16, 2018
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A dark-skinned beaner that sits next to a lesbian and another beaner. Some say his hair is a wig, others say this curl are not good. He has a big nose, like the lesbian that sits beside him. He wears Air Force 1s and he sometimes, but honestly it's everyday, competes for who has the biggest nose. The lesbian always shrinks her fingers when taking her measurements so that it would appear that her nose is bigger. Overall, Don'ta is a boy that is that has a big nose.
Ayo, isn't that Don'ta?

Nah that's so beaner with a big ass nose.
by Other Beaner. December 16, 2019
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