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He's a decent guy whom is somewhat attractive but thinks much to highly of himself and game with the ladies. He has dated pretty girls but probably ends up with the same girl a couple times and when he's not with her he's rebounding other girls. Is funny but lots of times comes off very annoying because he make to many jokes, but when he really cares about something he has lots of determination and confidence. Overall he's an ok guy but kinda a dick.
Did u see that Donovahn? Yeah he's okay.
by The_Truth April 24, 2017
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A decently attractive guy, but thinks they are hot. Tries to be funny by making too many jokes. Thinks too highly on his relationship status. But is extremely outgoing and confident when it comes to something he cares about. But he lets down people when he doesn't care about something.
Donovahn thinks he's too cool to fight.
by TheSlaughterer April 24, 2017
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