Verb \'dŏn"(ned)\ Middle English

To place male genitalia, preferably one's own, into or onto something.
I was donned this morning.
by Kim03 March 14, 2009
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To be donned;
Adjectival verb - 'Donned' is a word used for a person who attempts to argue and disagree with something they have been told, and then later are proven wrong, by means of evidence such as a photograph or statistical proof.
Mr x; The women you kissed last night had blonde hair

Mt y; No she had brunette hair i swear by it...

Mr x takes out a photo of the previous night where in fact the woman Mr. y had kissed did indeed have blonde hair

Mr x; DONNED!!!
by Spliterz May 07, 2007
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He is a pretty little elephant. Love him well!
My name is Don don
I am pretty
Love me well!
by Taiyou the dancing cat November 16, 2003
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A nickname for the American fast food company McDonald's.
Jim: "Hey, you want some nuggies from don-don's?"
Jill: "Some what?"
Jim: "... some McDonald's"
by Don-don Expert August 26, 2021
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A slang term for the filthy, greasy takeaway food commonly known as a "Donner Kebab"
Dunc... fancy a Don Dons? to which the response is "what do you think?" in a sarcastic tone
by petsiders May 07, 2006
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The don, the best, the shit, the fuckin daddy, etc. The only one who runs shit.
by TheBossDon July 12, 2011
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