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That one guy who nobody can ever figure out like one of the seven wonders of the world. a mind fucker who will find ways to give you thoughts on something that will give you an implosion when trying to figure out his words of wisdom. has his own way of doing things that people may think they can understand but in the end, he gives suprises like you can never believe. He is a man so unknown that he is the one and only that get to meet those around him, and give them the honor to try to understand him and his work. He is a legend of the legendaries. The man shall be known now throughout this generation and the future
Donjay taught Bruce lee to become the master kung fu telopathically before he was ever made
Donjay can create natural disasters based on how he feels
Donjay Donjayed Donjays brain
Donjay controls how hot the weather should be by just thinking
Donjay created everything about education
Donjay is the legendary artist and architect that he taught all the great historic artists such ass leonardo da vinci, and pocasso
Donjay is not immortal but he has fought every war ever taken place and had helped his side win
Donjay has passed down his name to future generations so it may seem he has been around for centries
Donjay is one of the few unique humans who understands the things around him and chooses only the very rare and uniques as his partner, but its their decision whether they want to be with him or not
Donjay is a noun, verb, adjective, pronoun, and is used throughout literature
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