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Pure awesomeness, most likely very beautiful and independent, with a steadfast and stubborn attitude.

The best little sister ever.
Omg I love my Donielle!
by Renza1222 January 27, 2011
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best person ever. very pretty. great sense of humor. wonderful mom, friend, girlfriend, and wife. if you ever meet a donielle you are so lucky and you will never forget her. she is super outgoing but keeps her feeling to herself. never let a donielle go.
donielle is the best mom.
by noodle bop March 17, 2019
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Donielle is a dope, awesome, pretty female but doesn’t know it. She may be cool with a lot of people but is introverted as well. Can be real and petty at times but that’s what people like about her. May enjoy music and has hidden-talents 🀫
Friend one: ayee Donielle you trying to beat up john with me

Donielle: sure
by Donielle February 24, 2019
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