A really nice guy who will crack a joke at any time. He loves his friends and is devoted to what he does. If he wants to do something, hes going to do it. Nothing can stand in his way!! He usually into things like food, (breakfast food in particular) movies, youtube, and gaming. Also, this type of person is lit and always knows the right moment to dab.
Girl 1- How did your date go?
Girl 2- Oh it went great!! He was a total Donavin!!
by Alyssa Wilson G January 02, 2017
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He is a really hot guy and is very sweet. HE is any guy u can ask for. He is usually is lazy but is really
Jewels:how was ur date with donavin

by Donavin_abree07 November 27, 2018
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The guy who keeps massive amounts of crumbs in his butthole
Ew gurl don't touch him he's a donavin.
by Smd12222421 January 08, 2015
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the hottest boyo on the block. you know he coming when you smell blooberries. yes bitch, you know it’s his hair
damn donavin smurf boi is pretty foine :)
by sksksksk thot January 06, 2019
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Big dick guy with big dick energy.Can take your hoes in a smile
bro is that Donavin he stole my bitch
by I love hot milfs November 24, 2021
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