A condition of pathalogical lying with the need to raw dog your daughter after eating random dudes loads out of her chew toy of a vagina while having a guy named jarred wiggle his wiener in your but crack but only putting the head in to cum where it can be eatin later as it drips out on to a cracker while you watch fox new and masterbate to pics of your daughter taking a shit in a port a potty while she sees how many black cocks she can wedge in to her black hole and trap men in her stretched out meat curtains to digest like a fly trap
Donald Trump void of character and humanity lacking in self respect

Void of sole cant stop thinking about banging daughter and why wife wont hold Hand in public

Donald trump. Shit dick. Ass rat cum gobbling. Incompetent. Inconsistent. Incontanent. Impatient for mouth full of cum impotence in dick personality or ability to get anything done just a.usless wad of flesh to get in the way.
Donald trump also known as pussy cheek in some circles for his unthreatening personality lack of manhood and only good for stuffing full of drunkin cock in ally

Offen used is conjunction with the term kavanaugh. Or pulling a judge kavanaugh when describing useless sacks of shit who nurse of each others limp dicks and dream of grandeur of being respected buy there fellow man. When a cracked out prostitute wont spit the puss from her abscessed tooth in there face
That was one of the most vile fucking movies I've ever seen

Ya they should of just called it donald trump
by Pecker pete October 02, 2018
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A lot of you voted for him and now regret it
Donald trump by mac miller is better than Donald trump
by Thatthugdrew September 12, 2019
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A messed up cross of the wicked witch, the Tinn man, and the scarecrow.
What is that orange lump?
Oh, that’s the brainless, heartless,
Face of evil!
Oh, it’s Donald trump
by Saliva October 23, 2019
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A person who isn't really a good president

Obama was a much better president then Donald trump
Very rude
People: Donald trump is separating children from there parents because of there face that messed up
Donald trump: I'm trying to protect the country
People: your protecting the.country by shutting down the govnerment? Good thing the government is back.
by Xx.Rosemary.xX June 30, 2019
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A ignorant person who is the twin of a puffy Cheeto. He thinks he can take people away from their homes when really he is in our home!
Donald trump sucks
by Sarah Diaz🤗 June 09, 2018
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