An acronym for the phrase "dirty old nut sack". May be used to describe male genitalia or in referring to elderly males or foreign born minorities in a derogatory manner.
When I told her I was cheating, she kicked me in dons. or
That dons that works at 7-11 needs to learn how to speak English.
by Jim Riggins November 30, 2006
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Mike: Hey Jeff you wanna go to Dons later?

Jeff: Nah dude i'm broke
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by ehflicker October 15, 2017
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to put on an article of clothing, especially a floppy hat.
After taking the time to don a a wetsuit, a turtleneck, and a Mackintosh coat, Don realized that he needed the bathroom, again.
by thisamateurreject April 11, 2011
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Winner of any pasta eating competiton, even if he is served the biggest plate to begin with.
He is also notoriously known for his driving. Never his fault of course!
Also a film lover, who manages to watch 3 film in the time it takes you to watch 1. Doesn't need the 'slow' scenes.
To inhale your food is to 'eat like a don'.
To drive without turning your head is 'to drive like a don'.
To forward through the slow scenes in a film is 'to watch a film at don-speed'.
by Missy Q October 25, 2010
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a jamaican bad man..anyone who thinks that black people can't be Dons..get your silly ass on a plane to Kingston and see who Run Tings!
is me a di Don a dis ya yard!!!
by Rankin Dread March 15, 2006
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