1.A phrase used when you want someone to stop begging or whining.

2.Something to say when your friends tell you to suck their dick.
1. someone: please please please let me borrow your pen.
someone else: please...don't beg

2.Someone: hey
Someone else: yo
Someone: I hate the color of your shoelaces.
Someone else: well suck my dick
Someone: don't beg
*crowd goes HOT DAMN*
by mythyasha November 7, 2009
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when someone is attractive and knows it.. and wants you to tell them, usually over Facebook photos.
girl: omg i'm so fat in my new profile pic!
boy: no you're not...
girl: but i am!!!
boy: don't beg it

....girl clearly thinks she isn't, otherwise wouldn't have uploaded said picture..
by clarksonnn March 24, 2011
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When a girl/boy doesn't like you (anymore) but you don't get the hint.
Boy: how is Danielle ?

Girl: why don't you ask her yourself.

Boy: she doesn't want to speak to me.

Girl: don't be a beg.
by moseph. June 12, 2021
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