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Belonging to god, Belonging to the lord. While this name is versatile being used for both men and women (based upon spelling, pronunciation and country of origin). Dominiq's (q, que, c, ck, or any variation) are often beatiful (M/F)brunettes, with powerful brown eyes. they can light up your day with just a smile, and often can give you what you need by mere suggestion or as if reading your mind, without being asked. Their excitement and laughter are contagious. They enjoy being the center of attention, and can be very selfish, BUT with this there is an even balance of quiet personal time and emense generosity. Dominiq's are overall very likable people and a joy to have around.
Dominiq (like Dominick Torrento from F&F) Stong, Masculine, God like, Smart, Bad boy (in a good way), break your heart and still truly love you.
by Blaque_Rshn_Prncss November 28, 2012
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A sexy/unique mixed male. Who is fashion orientated also considered metro sexual. He is very artistic and does everything in the entertainment realm or creativity. He is too nice and always giving. He is an expert in different forms of martial arts. He is an lyrical chemist and mixes words like formulas in a beaker.
Female1: DAMN!!! Girl did you see that fine man at that concert

Female2: I know right!! like he must be a Dominiq!!
by DRAKE CASTLE December 03, 2012
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