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The dome gnome is a growing phenomenon seen in college towns across the country. It is usually of the female sex, with an unusual predilection for giving oral services to her mate. If her affinity for dome-giving is matched by a stimulating physical appearance, she is to be considered a "Dome Slut."

But, like in so many cases, the creature is often of lesser aesthetic quality, resembling more a troll or beast. It is then that she takes on the role of "Dome Gnome." The dome gnome can be summoned at all times and her relationship to the male is static like that of a garden gnome or vacuum cleaner.
Enter dome gnome.

Roommate 1: Woah! what is Ben doing with that troll in his room?

Roommate 2: don't worry bro she's just a dome gnome.

Roommate 1: oooh, got it. Nice.
by Brorden gekko March 05, 2011
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