The meaning of DOLO is all encompassing. It can mean anything, everything and nothing all at the same time. It is a way of life, and it is also a means of expressing the universe.

Note: This word has absolutely no relationship to the cheap mantra "Yolo"
P1: I've got so much to do tonight, I'm not sure I can go out with you guys.
P2: Oh come on, it'll be a lot of fun - gotta relax somehow!
P1: Yeah...Dolo.

P1:Ugh I got so drunk last night
P2: Dolo
P1: Dolo

P1: Hey did you get those dinner ingredients?
P2: Frig. I forgot.
P1: Damnit
P2: Dolo

P1: Dolo?
P2: Dolo.
P1: Dolo.
by deathgoat November 26, 2013
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Is a term used being used more today by rapper Kid Cudi. Dolo is NOT playing basketball or being alone, (that is solo), Dolo is what he and Kanye decided to start calling getting high Dolo.
The whole song and video by Kid Cudi: Day N Night is about him getting by himself and how he sees the world alone.

"The Lonely Stoner, Mr. Solo Dolo"

(Solo) (Dolo)
Solo: Alone
Dolo: Stoned, High etc.

Gang: Aye bra we bout to Dolo off dis Loud Pack and go to Lenox, was da move wit you?
Guy: Naw bra im bout to Solo Dolo off dis mid, I got work in a hour.
by KnowledgeMoledge August 1, 2009
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A solo that is performed with such skill and beauty that the S can not appropriately describe it.
What a beautiful dolo that was! I died inside and was reborn listening to it.
by One Cool Cat Jazzer September 10, 2011
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Going to Dolores Park in San Francisco, and doing the things one does there: day drinking craft beers or PBR, probably having some edibles, wearing questionable clothing, hula hooping, people watching, letting your dog do whatever the hell it wants, letting your hipster kids do whatever the hell they want, playing field sports, pretending to read something highly intellectual, playing some oddball international instrument, picnicking with goods from BiRite, watching out for @KarltheFog, etc., etc.
Who's down to Dolo this Sunday?

Look at those dirty hipsters Dolo'ing in the middle of a Tuesday.
by PBleftusforportland February 22, 2014
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Phrase meaning to two man something, normally related to marijuana. Duo+ solo= Dolo
Bro! Lets go dolo that blunt.
by PrivatePot July 1, 2010
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Used in many different ways, an additional meaning is of one with little or no money. A slang conglomeration of, "dough," and, "low," it's a quick-reference term when one has little cash available at the current juncture in time.

"Hey, yo. You wanna hit up liquor store and drink some tonight?"

"I can't, man, I'm dolo right now. Maybe tomorrow."
by CSquared288 April 17, 2009
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Damn dat nigga Dolo cool asab ,do dat dressin shit, and dat nigga flow crazy. He mostly be thuggin by his lonely but know alot of people.
by Dolo4 October 18, 2019
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