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Is a term used being used more today by rapper Kid Cudi. Dolo is NOT playing basketball or being alone, (that is solo), Dolo is what he and Kanye decided to start calling getting high Dolo.
The whole song and video by Kid Cudi: Day N Night is about him getting by himself and how he sees the world alone.

"The Lonely Stoner, Mr. Solo Dolo"

(Solo) (Dolo)
Solo: Alone
Dolo: Stoned, High etc.

Gang: Aye bra we bout to Dolo off dis Loud Pack and go to Lenox, was da move wit you?
Guy: Naw bra im bout to Solo Dolo off dis mid, I got work in a hour.
by KnowledgeMoledge August 01, 2009

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