To be alone or by yourself.

Also a synonym for “dolo” or “solo
“Yo you still got company over?”

Na they all left a while ago, so I’m dolie now”
by Fr33 December 3, 2021
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doly means bad because once a very powerfull mage tried to crush the dutch clan by ading a corrupted member to the clan. to the luck of the clan, one mage called chris nolan detected that magic and transformed him and the mage into rotten meat. therefore giving the word doly a bad name. which equals bad
pleaze dont shoot me, pleaze dont be doly.
by neto January 19, 2005
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It means stupid and say if you see a dog and think it's a elephant your doly. So if you can't turn on an IPad your doly too.
Sam: is that an elephant or a dog

Katie: it's a dog god your doly
by Katie1274 September 5, 2017
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The guys cannon resisit the beauty of a Poly Doly.
by Jason May 30, 2004
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1. A gorgeous female college student who is the complete package.

2. Beautiful, intelligent, confident; dream girl.
A Poly Doly is a girl that makes you smile every time you see her. Breathtakingly stunning with an incredible personality.
by P D Admirer February 17, 2010
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Deemed capable of forming the intent to commit a crime or tort, especially by the reason of age (ten years old or older)
Mom: I think my son is not doli capax.
Friend: What do you mean!? Your son is big!!!
Mom: He's just 9 years old.
by Lime Eirfan April 6, 2019
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Doyled when you mess up a date when sex was on the list of plans for the evening.
Everything was going great and then Keith dolyed it.
by Evil scout November 13, 2018
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