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Ordering something for an event, then it ariving the day after.

Jess-'have you get your dress for prom yet?'
Charlotte-'Yeah... I orderd it of the internet. Should arive the day before'

It didnt
Helen 'Im gonna order all the stuff for the party tonight'
Amy 'Why? Its in two months time?'
Helen 'Cus i dont want to end up doing a charlotte'
by Doing a Helen September 26, 2009
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When you giggle for some random reason, usually during a silence in conversation. Caused by your daydreams, and normally has nothing to do with any conversation you are having at the present moment.
Rachel: So I told him it was over.
Monica: *giggles*
R: Whats so funny?
M: Nothing, was doing a Charlotte.
by BabyFayFay February 07, 2009
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