A aerial conflict where 2 to a unlimited amount of fighter planes are involved, the goal is to destroy the other fighter planes, usually to clear a way for bombers.

The first dogfights were in World War 1.

The History Channel use to have a series about dogfights, called "Dogfights", using computer design to remake dogfights, look it up on YouTube, great show.
The dogfighter Bud Anderson engaged in many dogfights in WW2 in his P-51 Mustang "The Crow", he was a triple ace with 16 confirmed kills.
by illestemia August 1, 2009
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A contest, usually between Marines or military personel, where each man pitches in around $50. With that money, they rent a bar or club, and the rest goes to prize money. The object is to get the ugliest girl to come with you as your date. The man with the ugliest date wins. There are specific rules:
1. They must be polite
2. They must buy the girl a drink
3. They must dance if they want to be judged
Dancing is final judging.
The Marine brought the ugliest girl he could find to the dogfight, but he still lost to the guy who brought a drag queen.
by R.J.P. April 13, 2007
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1. aerial combat between fighter planes

2. a disorganized and riotous brawl
The dogfight did not deter them from carrying out the mission.
by The Return of Light Joker October 8, 2008
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a close air combat between jet fighters.
When it comes to dogfight, 30mm gun is more reliable than missiles.
by Salsatom November 4, 2008
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Usually involving two dogs (normally pitbull terriers) having a fight which involves gambling or other illegal activities

An aircraft fight
"you comin' to dat dogfight afta school??"

"there was a dogfight over the temple..they were fighting over the shiny thing on the roof"
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A contest between men where the objective is to find the ugliest, nastiest girl possible and invite her out. Whichever man brings the ugliest girl wins the dogfight.
John won the dogfight because his girl was completely gross.
by Jason Spencer April 21, 2003
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