To be hit real hard in the back of the head....
Person 1: *hits person 2 in back of head, Dog shot* I like ya cut g
Person 2: This is why you don’t have any friends
by yayyyyy me! March 25, 2021
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When a dog deffecates with such force that the poop splats to the ground and thus is impossible to pick up
"watch out dude, there's some dog shot there!"
by You can't Handel the truth February 1, 2021
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Indians call this tapli :)
Angelina Jolie gave a dog shot to Shia Labeouf for speaking too loud.
by Shanabagaaaalakshmi February 16, 2021
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Kyle: *slaps CJ across the back of the head*
Kyle: I like ya cut g
Ryan: lol man you just got dog shot
by YourLocalBob January 30, 2021
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When the ATF comes to your house because you bought "fuel filters" from China and they shoot your dog by "mistake"...
ATF Agent: We see hear you bought a Fuel Filter that looks like a Silencer from China.

You: What? No I needed a new Filter for my pick up truck.

ATF: Sir, stop lying, we know you watch both Firearm and Car videos on YouTube. You are on our list.

You: Am I being Detained?

ATF: .....

You: I refuse to answer any questions without a lawyer.

ATF: .......

(You Dog walks out of the kitchen)

ATF: He's got a gun!

(Pew Pew Pew)


ATF: Your Dog Shot First. Here's your warning, DON'T Buy any more Fuel Filters from China.
by SrcMaker January 4, 2021
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During a game of downball/four-square or some variation in which a 'mate' knowingly hits it in a place you cannot return it from so as to move up a square and get you out
That was such a dog shotmate
by Davidattibro August 22, 2017
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