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A documentary film, radio, television, or internet program, etc that's overflowing with delusional and conspiratorial theories based not on founded and proven fact and/or peer reviewed research but on hallucinatory and schizophrenic rants from paranoid self-proclaimed intellectuals, who just need medicine, medical attention from psychiatrists, and perhaps time in a mental asylum.
A friend recommended a history-based documentary about how aliens shaped human history including designing and building the pyramids on the History Channel.

Why did I end up watching that schizodelusional claptrap?! After two hours, I realized I wasted my time watching a full-length work of docuflotsam.
by Tsarstepan May 16, 2010
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-n (dok-yuh-flot-suh m)
A nonsensical documentary overflowing with conspiratorial theories rather then on established fact. They tend to be fearmongering films created for shock value.
I felt like Alex from Clockwork Orange, forced to watch repugnant images, repulsive people rant, etc... without being able to look away from the screen when our politics teacher screened that political agenda based documentary. That horrid docuflotsam was merely a campaign commercial for the former governor of Alaska.
by Tsarstepan January 06, 2015
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