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An expert in docking. A man with a stretchy, elastic or pliable foreskin capable of enveloping the head of another man's penis.
Doctor Jay proved to be quite the docktor... after he engulfed the acorn head of Mark's penis within his voluminous web of foreskin.
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A specialist in the art of Docking. A man with this title is a surgeon of the art, the best of the best, the Lionel Messi of the Docking world. They engulf almost everything that comes there way be it hockey pucks or another mans foreskin.

Typically a Docktor has a wide array of hobbies that they passionately split their time between.
"Wow what a nice guy Rick is"
"You would say that, but believe it or not - the man's a Docktor"
by humblehombre1332 November 02, 2017
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