Darker than darkness. Basically it's absolute darkness - 1
Ruler of all goths. Wears atleast 5lbs of eyeliner, and has to be in ownership of atleast 2 corsets and a pair of high heel combats that go up to the knees. Sounds almost identical to the bad guy played on the Inspector Gadget television shows. Sticks and stones may break her bones but chains and whips definitally excite her! Not normally seen in daylight, but watch out becuase she lurks in the shadows of the night waiting for YOU to be her next tragic victim. You have been warned.
Dockness is the daughter of satan, also considered "Devil's little girl"
by J-Word June 24, 2006
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A very intimate and intense sexual act performed by two uncircumcised men. Guy one pulls his foreskin back and holds it while guy two stretches his open and outward as far as possible over the head and shaft of guy one's penis. Then guy one repeats the procedure as he's releasing all of his foreskin that he was holding back tightly, pulling the opening out and as far down as possible over guy two's penis, making sure guy two's foreskin stays in place. When complete both cockheads are touching tip to tip encased inside of each others foreskin, the duel coverage combined with the moist juices starting to flow from each of them creates a suctioning effect somewhat similar to a fleshlight, helping to hold everything in place while jacking both penises as one, an effect much like that of those chinese finger "handcuffs", allowing quite a bit of masturbating action while easily staying inside of each other. The sensation is so intense that both guys will quite often ejaculate simultaneously, visually filling the foreskin coupling with so much cum you can see it swell to the point of overflow, slowly uncoupling the foreskins and savoring the warm wet sensations, working their still hard penises together with their intermingled juices...
"Keanu and Harry were both so overwhelmed by the intensely intimate feeling of docking their penises inside of each other's foreskins that they instinctively began to kiss each other deeply as Keanu worked their cocks together as one, both exploding huge loads, seeing their foreskins swell like a water balloon trying to hold all of their hot man juices. As he released their cockheads from one another he grabbed Harry's firm ass and ground his big hard cum dripping cock into Harry's bright bushy ginger pubes as he buried his nose into his sweaty pit, deeply sniffing Harry's sexy scent!"
by UB6IB9Guy April 3, 2017
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the word you look up on urban dictionary to make somebody scarred
by blacksabsguy March 4, 2019
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A homosexual act where a man sticks the head of his penis in the foreskin of another man's penis.
by Minecraft1238 December 28, 2018
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Docking: Two men are gathered… one circumcised, the other, not circumcised. The non-circumcised individual places his erect penis to the tip of the other gentleman who then pulls his foreskin over the two heads and proceeds to jerk them both off.
Docking: “Want to go dock weiners? I don’t have time to hit the gym and take selfies, so I want to do something gay before my wife and I meet up at Olive Garden.”
by cdougy Jackson Pendelton September 29, 2016
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Docking is the adhering of two or more flappy skinned cocks stretching over and under the call of duty for optimal climax inside the foreskin walls vip room
I walked in on Jose and leche docking in the bedroom. It looked like a Fifi bag dressed in flesh tone.
by Roobeer March 5, 2020
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to place the foreskin of your dick over someone else's penis head
Clay Aiken docked Lance Bass when he came out of the closet.
by hitman912 November 4, 2007
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