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Man, look at him over there eating apples. He's a total Dobbie!
by Riiiiiiny November 19, 2009
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This is a sexual practice involving a much older woman being taken doggy style by a young man while a much older man masturbates over them both.
Man, I was wrecked last night! I ended up doing a Dobbie with some old couple. I need to stop getting so mashed.
by TheLabMinion October 10, 2013
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To "dobbie" is to ignore someone who is flirting with you.
To be "dobbied" is to be disregarded by someone who you are only pretending to be interested in, such as starting conversations with strangers just for fun. The person will either not respond or they will walk away. It is a non-verbal rejection.
Originated in Ocean City, Md when two girls pretending to be interested in talking to a guy working in a movie theater were shocked when he looked over their heads and past them and never responded. His nametag said 'Dobby' and she commented "I think I've just been dobbied!?!"
It is particularly offensive because the person believes you are 'into' them when really you were just flirting for fun, maybe trying to.make someone blush, when really you may have had zero interest.
Girl: Hi, I like your shirt. It's hott.
Boy: blank stare
Girl, to girlfriend:
This idiot just dobbied me?!?
by jennkissin'frogs February 02, 2010
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