When someone is completely over the top or extra (B. Spears in 2007). The people in life who always are "pissed" or acting out just because they need attention.
Brittney (after a long night of drinking/ being a psycho girlfriend): I can just tell by the way that he is looking at me that he is going to cheat on me.

Lucas: Brittney, you do the most.
by 7loko December 28, 2016
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When Blair's swag is so obvious that Matt and Janet are jealous and need to get on her level.
Blair: Friday was amazing!!
Matt: I need to get on your level -__-
by #winningonanewlevel August 1, 2012
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when a person does way more than is required from the situation.

The English word for "doing the most" is: "Supererogation" which is defined as; "the act of performing more than is required by duty, obligation, or need"
Dude 1: Did you hear John did today's homework and tomorrow's homework?
Dude 2: Yeah, John is always trying to impress the teacher, so he's always doing the most.

If you want to be fancy
Dude 2: Yes, John tries to impress the teacher, but doing homework which has not be assigned amounts to supererogation.
by CoolrUrban November 21, 2017
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when a person is doing too much or when a person is doing more than what the situation calls for or beyond the call of duty
me and my friend were in the store the rug was rippled up and she went out of her way to fix it then she went on to straighten some cans up on the store shelf and i told her dam you doing the most
by im in college at wcccd March 10, 2014
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Trying way too hard to be impressive but only causing self-embarrassment.

Busta Rhymes was DOING THE MOST when he posed in a cell wearing a prison jumpsuit for his "TheSource" magazine picture spread and article.
by Meaux J. McCreepsmeout October 17, 2003
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When someone had been overwhelming, doing a lot, not even in their lane at this point, just trying so hard when it's not needed.
"Did you how fast Jay was jugging that bottle of beer last night ?"

"Yeah, he was doing the most"
by AGirlWithHopes May 17, 2016
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triple bagging the weed, putting it in a pill bottle, triple bagging the pill bottle, putting that in a mason jar, and gallon bagging the mason jar.
Dyl, you are doing the most.
by bigguymanry January 9, 2017
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