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That kind of girl you meet and can never forget ever. She is literally perfection, even her flaws seem flawless to you. Her mind is beautiful and so is her face. You can never get tired of looking at her and she's also intelligent. Doğa is the kind of girl you can laugh with, joke around with but also can have deep meaningful convos with. She's that kind of girl you always want around and never get tired of. She's like a mystery to you and everything about her fascinates you. If you ever get to meet Doğa, don't ever mess it up! You'll regret
Person A: Omg look at this girl. Something about her is so attractive and fascinating.
Person B: yeah well after all she's Doğa
by metalheadcx April 04, 2016
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noun: the practice of yoga by dogs.

origin: elision of the words "dog" and "yoga".

The trend reportedly started in New York, where humans and their canines attend classes to meditate and stretch together on mats. Dogs who practice yoga are called a "dogis."
doga instructor: Rex, you need more uplift in your upavishta konasana.

Rex: woof
by KatieOh! September 18, 2006
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