FRIEND 1: Do you like Dn?
Friend 2: What do you mean
by cvilarcookingYT February 9, 2021
Friend 1: Do you know dn?
Friend 2: Nah whos that
Friend 1: DEEZ NUTZ !!! YOU BOT!!
Friend 2: Ohhh makes sense, but if your cool, sub to cvilarcookingYT
by cvilarcookingYT May 19, 2021
(adj, v.) Drunk n Stoned. A discreet acronym to describe a state of mind, or act thereof, of getting shitfaced on alcohol and stoned as balls on weed.
"Torrey can't come to the phone right now, he's DnS."
by Sunset Court April 11, 2014
Domain Name Service. Usually a server that runs on port 53 to convert IP names to English words., the class B IP resolves to (Note: all domain names end with their country code. ".US" (dot US) is the default domain name for unspecified countries.
by Bob G Midi June 3, 2004
"Dn" is short for "Deez Nutz".

Someone roasted a Streamer. When the Streamer asked the person what DN stood for, they responded deez nuts. The Streamer is now using that joke/roast on another.
"Becky, all you get tonight is DN."
"You'll have to work with DN gurl."
"-Welcome to Wendy's, what can i get you?

-Gimmie DN with fries"
by John Egg July 28, 2020
DEEZ NUTS 不不不不不不潑潑潑潑潑潑潑

no seriously thats what it means
Person 1: hey do you support dn

Person 2: whats dn

Person 1: DEEZ NUTS 不不不不不不潑潑潑潑潑潑潑
by eshay hater May 11, 2021
Do not schedule. Way of saying 'No meetings'.

Term used to block out time on calendar, usually uninterrupted. Can be used for personal work or urgent deadline-based work.
Hey John, sorry but I'm on DNS from 10am-4pm. Let's schedule the Wednesday meeting for Thursday!
by shutter-shades April 13, 2017