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The act of pulling one's face tightly towards the rectum whilst receiving the standard version of a Rusty Trombone which creates a seal around the anus with the lips. The Dizzy Gillespie (DG) provider then flagulates causing the receiver's (Dizzy Gillespie'ed) facial cheeks to expand, giving the appearance of the legendary trumpet player, Dizzy Gillespie.
Dizzy Gillespie-(v.) I was getting my salad tossed, then I reached back and pulled her head in tight and let one rip! That bitch got Dizzy Gillespie'ed!!!
by Maximus Carontus March 17, 2007
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While getting your shitbox tounge-jacked,reach back and mash head in tight and rip a hot nasty,filling cheeks as to look like Dizzy Gillespie.
We spent the evning at the jazz bar and then we went back to her house and I performed my own interpritation of Dizzy Gillespie.
by todd March 14, 2005
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Palm muting a fart like a jazz trumpeter mutes his instrument. Or a guitarist mutes his guitar.
Guy: (brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrpt)
Dude: The f*ck was that? Did you just palm mute your butt-hole?

Guy: Dude, indeed I did. I just pulled a Dizzy Gillespie. And it's music to my ears. You're welcome.

Dude: That's sick.
by RuralJur November 08, 2013
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