Divyan is a firstname for boys.

It´s meaning can be derived from the Engsih word "devine".
Due to its spelling it can be easly pronoced in several languages.
Person 1 (Tom): Hey I`m Tom, what´s your name?

Preson 2 (Divyan): Hey man, my name is Divyan.

Person 1 (Tom): Bro that is a unique name... what does it mean?

Person 2 (Divyan): It means devine.

Person 1 (Tom): wow totally boss
by bro42 May 31, 2019
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Divyans are very rare and unique. They have a very big brain and they try to be kind to others. They are a pro at gaming too!
Person 1 : Yo dude , what's your name??
Person 2 : I am Divyan , what's yours?
Person 1 : Oh! I heard people with the name Divyan are rare and very kind and my name is Adam!|
Person 2 : Great to hear that!
by Smol Brain Guy July 21, 2021
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It is a first name. Its meaning is the divine.
"So the meaning of Divyan is the devine? Pretty boss..."
by bro42 October 24, 2018
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A very kind and religious guy. Always true to his principles, and loves everyone without discrimination. In conclusion, a loving, caring, kind and god abiding person.
Person 1: he is so nice and kind to everyone
Person 2: Yes, because he is a divyan
by TempestEstDeus February 20, 2021
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