Divyans are very rare and unique. They have a very big brain and they try to be kind to others. They are a pro at gaming too!
Person 1 : Yo dude , what's your name??
Person 2 : I am Divyan , what's yours?
Person 1 : Oh! I heard people with the name Divyan are rare and very kind and my name is Adam!|
Person 2 : Great to hear that!
by Smol Brain Guy July 21, 2021
Divyan is a firstname for boys.

It´s meaning can be derived from the Engsih word "devine".
Due to its spelling it can be easly pronoced in several languages.
Person 1 (Tom): Hey I`m Tom, what´s your name?

Preson 2 (Divyan): Hey man, my name is Divyan.

Person 1 (Tom): Bro that is a unique name... what does it mean?

Person 2 (Divyan): It means devine.

Person 1 (Tom): wow totally boss
by bro42 May 31, 2019
Divyans are very cool and hot. They are usually gods at gaming and girls could not resist to hang out with them. They are very handsome.
Friend: Yes they are very hot.
by Smol Brain Guy November 23, 2021
Divyan a name for a guy

A very attractive,kind and caring person
A very charming and hilarious person

But can be very arrogant at times
Dylan : Wassup man what’s your name

Divyan: My name is Divyan

Dylan: what a unique name
by Kiki3155 November 21, 2021
Divyan is a very unique and rare name
Divyan’s intend to be very kind , caring and

attractive person but also very arrogant and selfish at times
Person 1: what is your name ?
Person2: Divyan

Person1: Oh cool
by Kiki3155 November 22, 2021
It is a first name. Its meaning is the divine.
"So the meaning of Divyan is the devine? Pretty boss..."
by bro42 October 24, 2018
A very kind and religious guy. Always true to his principles, and loves everyone without discrimination. In conclusion, a loving, caring, kind and god abiding person.
Person 1: he is so nice and kind to everyone
Person 2: Yes, because he is a divyan
by TempestEstDeus February 20, 2021