When you cause a feeling or an emotion to disappear.
The love he feels for her will dissipate
by bemorethanhappy April 3, 2016
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behaviorally, cognitively, and emotionally incapacitated due to excessive drug use.
friend 1: "i think you over-beveraged."
friend 2: "i am a dissipated gentleman."
by kagus christ October 30, 2003
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When something is completely quantum un-entangled from the world around it.
"My physics professor speculates that ghosts exist in quantum dissipation mode most of the time. However, he says that if their quarklets manage to get entangled again, they then become visible to us. It must be really cool to be a Prof and think crazy thoughts, but get paid for it."
by mimbijones May 2, 2015
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