A father who doesn't have physical custody of his child. So, to compensate for this, he makes the visitation times with his child all about fun. The child's homework isn't done, there isn't a set bedtime and the child stays up late, the child watches all kinds of inappropriate movies/tv/video games. The father is more like a "friend" that's a bad influence than a parent.

This type of father chooses to live far away enough from his child so he has an "excuse" not to participate in school and extra-curricular activities, unless he wants to.

He will also dictate to the custodial parent on how to raise his child but rarely offers to help in the rearing in any manner.
Scene: Disney Dad is returning child to custodial parent on a Sunday Morning.

The child spent all weekend at dad's "playing" and comes home to his custodial parent with a backpack full of homework.

The "Disney Dad" then tells the other parent that he thinks the child should go to a charter school. He doesn't offer the other parent a means of getting the child there but wants to dictate to the custodial parent to make himself feel superior.

"Disney Dad" purposely lives far away enough from the custodial parent and his child that he has an excuse that he can't help out with school activities, extra-curricular activities, sports, etc. The child suffers because of his selfishness and unwillingness to put his child's needs first.

The child then spends the remainder of the day with the custodial parent doing his homework.
by ChrisMar September 23, 2012
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A father (usually divroced or separated) who tries to compensate for his absence by giving his kids everything and taking them everywhere during visitation.
My ex is a Disney Dad, he takes the kids to the zoo, the game, the movies, the carnival and shopping all in two days, when its his weekend with them.
by T.L.R. July 14, 2009
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A weekend father that let's his children do anything they want when they visit. Also gives them anything they want creating very spoiled kids under the premise of not wanting them to be mad at him. Often the children boss the dad around even yelling at him with no reprisals.
My boyfriend let's his 10 year old daughter boss him around, he's a total Disney Dad.
by Jboymc July 6, 2009
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A dad who is air-headed and simingly incompetent, much like the dad's on the Disney channel.
Mindy's father is such a Disney Dad. Yesterday, he slipped on a bannana peel on his way out the door.
by Ninjabunny99 February 12, 2016
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The best dad there is. He does the most coolest and entertaining things with you and doesn't fret over the littlest things. Literally the opposite of a killjoy. If you have a Disney dad, consider yourself lucky (especially if you're a kid).
Jess: Hey wanna come over to Ben's place tonight? I hear he has a Disney Dad who's doing fun stuff
Taylor: Omg sure, sounds fun!
by UltimateDoge October 30, 2021
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