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John De Lancie
B. March 20, 1948
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

John De Lancie is an actor who is well known for his portrayal of the omnipotent being "Q" in Star Trek. Recently he has become known to the 'brony' (My Little Pony) fandom as "Discord" the spirit of chaos and disharmony.

As of May 2012, Mr. De Lancie is spearheading a movement to educate the public on the "Brony" fandom, by making a fan funded documentary via a kickstarter campaign that will follow him to the 2012 Brony Con in New Jersey the beginning of June 2012.

Although his roles as "Q" and "Discord" may be considered his most well known characters, he has been in numerous other series, been a star on film, television, and stage, has voiced characters in video games, produced audio dramas, and a great number of other pursuits showcasing his wide variety of talents.

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John De Lancie may be known as "Discord" to the Brony's, but he will always be "Q" to his original fans the Trekkie's.

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by DemiTheGoddesss May 30, 2012
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