1 definition by mr_silverhand

A 30 year old virgin that still lifes with his mother and simps for egirls or anime girls (also comparable to a coomer).
Sanctions (muting, banning, kicking) everyone that breaks the discord server rules in any kind of way or disrespectful in the discord mod's eyes.
10:21 random-user1: *sending a meme in #general*
10:21 discord mod: "NO MEMES IN #general !!!"
10:21 discord mod: "!mute @random-user 1h reason: sending memes in #general"
10:23 random-user2: "hey mod, that was just a funny meme, why are you muting him?"
10:23 discord mod: "are you DISRESPECTING ME?!?"
10:23 discord mod: "!mute @random-user2 7d reason: disrespecting the moderation"
by mr_silverhand March 19, 2021
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