A disc jockey (also known as DJ or deejay) is a person who selects and plays recorded music for an audience
by EDBEMICA October 8, 2008
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A form of female masturbation.

A female will rub her clitoris in a circular motion, resembling a DJ, or disc jockey.
Dude, I was going to my girlfriends house, and when i got inside i found her disc jockeying it on the couch.
by washiger August 14, 2007
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A Disc-Jockey or DJ is usually a 16 to 30 year old male or female who plays various music nonstop in clubs or on the radio, for people to enjoy.

A DJ's generic club setup consists of Lights timed to music, A set of turntables, a soundboard, an amplifier and a set of speakers.

There is no limit on how much or little music technology a DJ can use, but a DJ usually uses turntables or an equivilant peice of technolgy to suit his or her needs.

Speakers: Un-Stt Un-Stt Un-Stt Un-Stt Un-Stt Un-Stt.
Crowd: *Cheers*
Speakers: *Music Gets Louder*
by DJ BioDiesel September 20, 2008
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The way in which girls masturbate; stimulating herself using two fingers and motioning back and forth as if she was scratching discs at a club.
"The girl in that porno was going to town on herself like a disc jockey."
by Wine-oh-saurus Rex April 5, 2010
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An announcer of recorded songs on the radio or at a dance. Also,as a verb,to work as a disc jockey. This term may be abbreviated as DJ in either the noun or verb sense.
Jamie is the most popular disc jockey on the local radio station; he has such a great voice for it. He also disc jockeys at various dances,including wedding receptions.
by JMC70 September 16, 2017
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A person who listens to weird music while getting pounded in the ass.
"Why did you leave me"? "Because your a fucking anal disc jockey. Duh!"
by neas tnek November 28, 2009
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