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(Other wise known as a catASStrophe or a bummer)
- A non-specific ass- related tragedy,

such as but not limited to;

1. When you find out she's not into anal.
2. When her fine ass turns out to be the work of her fake ass panties.
3. When you hear her fart and it sounds the plug was pulled out of a bathtub.

4. When you realise the fine ass you were checking out, is a man's.

5. When her ass is HUGE... and so is her Brown eye.

6. Her ass and her vagina are the same hole.
7. When he shits himself trying to force fart.

Daniel sneezed and then farted. Jenny thought she had heard a clown with hayfever who'd dropped a balloon so air was spluttering out... "that's weird"; she thought, "we're not at the circus" and then the smell hit her and she realised the Daniel waddled off she realised he'd shat himself again.
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by rapunzabel June 10, 2017
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