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When you're having sex ( mish, doggy, cowgirl etc) you pull out and fart in her face, then continue as if nothing happened.
Last night when I fucking my girlfriend, I did a Dirty Chris in her face.
by Jeff 101 October 15, 2005
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Passing a bloody fart after being railed in the ass by multiple 300lb black men.
I sure let out one hell of a dirty Chris after my usual weekend activities with the boys.
by Heartyoumeanit August 01, 2016
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A sex act in which the dominant partner spits and hacks up loogies on the submissive partner. Especially popular among practitioners of sadomasochism.
He likes the dominatrix to perform the dirty chris on him whenever he's in town for the weekend.
by iagojones August 20, 2009
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