1. To look at in a threatening manner or disgusted manner.

2. To look at in a manner in which you want to fuck the victims brains out.
1. John punched Bob after giving him a Dirty Look.

2. Susie fucked Lennie's brains out in public after giving hima Dirty Look.
by Eric January 13, 2005
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When you wipe your ass and look at the toilet paper 🧻 to make sure it’s all clean.
“I gave the TP a dirty look and I might need another fold and wipe.”
by Paulie T March 6, 2020
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Helen: You're having a nerdy, dirty, greasy look today?

Hayden: Yes.

Helen: You should work on that.

Hayden: No.
by Ereck Flowers December 22, 2014
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