When a girl uses a wet wash cloth to clean the jizz from her vagina then gives the wash cloth to her partner to clean his face.
Greta, having had it with Michael's short cummings, threw Michael her used dirty wash cloth to wipe her pussy juice from his face. Thus Michael now has dirty dishes.
by GB/MB February 04, 2008
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When someone does not want to do a particular task and then does it in a very shoddy manner. By secretly doing a poor job on the task, the other party will become frustrated.

If you do a bad job enough times, others will stop asking you to perform this job.
Wife: Why is there still food on these dishes?

Husband: No there is not. I just cleaned them.

Wife: Then what is this? (pointing to egg yolk on the plates)

Husband: I guess I missed a few spots.

Wife: You ALWAYS miss MOST of the spots.

(Wife's internal monologue) - He is incapable of cleaning anything....I'll have to do it myself
Husband: Baby, you want me to do them again?

Wife: No thanks. If YOU do them again, I'll just have to show you what you missed AGAIN.

(Husband's internal monologue) - Yes! No more dishes.

Wife's therapist: So YOU are now doing the dishes because he "can't" clean them. You let him off the hook like that? Sounds like you got dirty-dished.

Wife: Literally


by Brian Kia Ora April 27, 2016
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When a girl fucks her man with a strap on and licks it off slowly .
Dalton did the did the dirty dish
by Victorygorilla April 26, 2019
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a sexual game where a guy takes forks, knives, spoons and uses them to sexually stimulate a woman by placing them in her vagina, ass, or mouth until they have the woman's bodily fluids on them.
Damn bro you and your chick played dirty dishes and the dishwasher last night? That's fucked up.
by Frknbed June 30, 2009
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A group of minorities hanging on a corner and usually smell of marijauna or some other narcotic
Guy #1- i hate driving in the ghetto and seeing dirty dishes around
by frankie peen January 13, 2010
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When you piss your girlfriend off and she uses her used pad to wash your dishes.
Giiiirl Brian pissed me off so i gave him the dirty dish rag!
by WaKnbakn September 23, 2017
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whenever a woman (or man) presses the lower stomach fat together in order to create a verticle crease in the skin; the male partner then pours a lubicrant on the skin and then rubs his penis inbetween the crease. Very similar to a boob job.
"So how was your night with Jane?"

"Oh it was awesome! She was a little chubby so I could give her a dirty deep dish."
by Boscxx March 02, 2017
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